Robin Oakes

Robin has been creating murals since the late 1990's. 

As of January 2006, she has painted 12 murals for the city of Kitchener through the Graffiti Busters program, working closely with local youth and guiding them in the creation of beautiful works of art for their communities. Most of these murals can be viewed around Kitchener in local parks, recreation centers and community buildings. Another place to see Robin’s murals is Bingemans Park, at their new Fun Worx facility.

Robin works closely with private clients as well, to create the perfect mural for children’s rooms or nurseries.  Her original, hand-painted murals are fun, colourful and full of whimsical wonder and enchantment, creating a moment that captures the child within us all.

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#1. Vanier Community Park, Kitchener.  5x6 feet, on concrete building, exterior latex paint.


#2.  Morrison Park, Kitchener.  5x6 feet and 7x6 feet, on concrete building, exterior latex paint.

#3.  Bingeman's Park Fun Worx  party room,  Kitchener.
     38x7 feet, flat wall surface with interior latex paint. 

#4.  Country Hills Community Centre: exterior latex on wooden gate,
exterior latex on concrete building, 8x6 and 5x6 feet.

#5. Customized, painted outhouse; exterior latex on wood.


#6. Chandler Mowat Community Centre, exterior latex on steel, 25x9 feet.

#6. Glendale Park, concrete building transformed into war-time home, 25x7 feet.

#7. Along The Iron Horse Trail, concrete maintenance building, 30'x7'.

#8. Victoria Hills Community Centre, 2007.

#9. Forest Heights Community Centre, 2006.

#10. St. Paul's Elementary School. 2007
In co-operation with K.W Counseling's, Steam program.


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